Are You Ready With Your Marketing Strategy for 2020?

Most of the small business owners know that unless they advertise about their company and product, their business can never grow. So, what is your plan for marketing strategy in the year 2020 when the whole world is under lockdown due to Covid-19?

It is necessary to think well ahead of time about your marketing strategy besides depending only upon printed tote bags, if you want business for this year. In this article we shall try to offer you few ideas that can always work well for your business.

Nowadays, the trend is mostly in online marketing and if you have made enough efforts in the 2019, then you must have generated few leads for your business. In this year, stop attending any trade shows, as there will be hardly few visitors and your attending such events will not generate enough leads.

So, you need to spend little time to create your right marketing strategy. Following are few things that you need to do as your marketing strategy for the year 2020.

  1. Talk and collaborate

You need to communicate with all relevant stakeholders in order to obtain their feedback about previous year and what they expect for the current year.  You can never create your marketing plans in isolation.

Everyone who can offer you necessary feedback about your customers as well as your products will be important to your process.

  1. Use your historic marketing data

You must be having plenty of marketing data through Google analytics, ad-word results, customer feedback or something else that you have in your hand, from where you can make few informed conclusions.

Try to look at data obtained from last year’s trade shows. Ensure that you have enough materials available for marketing promotion, so that you can connect to your customers with your new business after.

  1. Put your processes ready and review regularly

Try to audit all your current assets to work out what further needed by you to market successfully your business. Get your quarterly reports and check what other departments may need to successfully sell.

In case, you haven’t yet started planning then use next few weeks for making plans for the year 2020 to identify all important and urgent tasks.

  1. Also create your offline presence

Make sure that the local people are also aware about your online business. You can take help of various promotional products to advertise about your company in the off line market too.

  1. Build your relationships

With the help of various promotional items you will certainly come across few leads for your business with which you must start sending emails and letters to build your personal relationship, so that they can be converted into your prospects and ultimately your new customer as well.

  1. Create your mailing list

With the help of advertising through various promotional products, whatever leads and prospects that you generate that can help you to create a mailing list. You must start educating them about your products through emails. If they find your products useful to them, then surely they will respond and send enquiries.

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