7 Types Of Blankets For Your Comfort And Style

A good night’s sleep makes one healthy, wealthy and wise. It is true, but a lot of preparation goes behind in making it come true. So if you’ve been complaining about your lack of sleep recently and how it has affected your overall health and functionality, you need to double-check your sleeping habits.

While a good bed and the right temperature are a must to get that sound sleep, blankets play a vital role in putting you through the sweet slumber. But blankets are more than just sleeping equipment to bring you good dreams. They are one of those fantastic items that improve the look of your space while providing a great function.

Did you know sleeping under a blanket reduces anxiety and greatly treats insomnia? While curled up under a blanket, one feels safe and protected under the heavyweight.

If you want to shop for blankets, you must know a few things about them. A blanket is more than just a sleeping essential, so you need to be very careful when choosing one for your house. There are several varieties that you will find online, so you must know about them to make your choice depending upon your needs.

  1. Chenille blankets: If you’re looking for the softest blankets on the planet, this is the one. They are made entirely from cotton, which makes them super soft and because the fabric is formed by tightly wrapping the yarn around the core, giving it a unique look. These are easy to wash and care for and suitable when temperatures dip.
  2. Cotton blankets: If you are sensitive to skin allergies, opt for cotton. They are breathable, which makes them perfect for warmer weather too. These are light in weight and easy to clean, making this blanket rank high on your list. Egyptian cotton is worth shelling out the big bucks if you’re looking for a high-quality fabric.
  3. Down comforters: Also called a down duvet, it is filled with insulating fabric like cotton, wool, feathers or polyester. If it gets very chilly where you live, these blankets are a great buy to keep you nice and warm when snuggling under them.
  4. Fleece blankets: It is made from polyester or synthetic fabrics. These kinds are very warm, lightweight and easy to wash at home. They are not only less expensive than others, but they are also suitable for skin sensitive people.
  5. Linen blankets: These are the “smart” ones because they adjust themselves to a person’s body temperature. They will help you stay cool in summers and warm in winters.
  6. Microfibre blankets: Since the fabric is woven together tightly, it is wrinkle-free, which makes it difficult for dust particles to get in. It is the best choice for skin-sensitive people.
  7. Wool blankets: Since wool is biodegradable, it is great for the environment, and they also resist fire. Because wool is anti-bacterial, these blankets don’t need to be washed frequently.

These are the best 7 types of blankets to choose from, depending on your region’s weather.

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