Packing for your British summer holiday

If you are planning a UK break this summer, you might need to start thinking about what you should pack; after all, the weather is not always entirely predictable! With these packing essentials, you will be ready for anything – just don’t forget to pack a raincoat too!


White tennis shoes are extremely popular right now. Find the right pair and you have footwear that goes with everything whilst walking in comfort.


A fitted pair of chinos is the perfect alternative to jeans, which may be too stuffy depending on the weather. They come in a wide range of colours, so you can mix and match your outfits. If you are expecting to see a lot of the sun, upgrade these to chino shorts.

Plain T-shirt

When the patterns and logos start making an appearance, stick to a plain T-shirt. Its simplicity means you can wear it casual or dress it up a little with the addition of a blazer.


A little tip – leave the Speedos at home! You are much more likely to look cool in a colourful pair of swim shorts. Keep it simple, whether you are relaxing by the pool or jumping in the sea.


This is a holiday essential, especially for those short breaks away. You may opt for a suitcase for longer journeys, but a weekend bag is a much more stylish option. With men’s grooming becoming a very lucrative market, you might also want to invest in a good toiletry bag to avoid the dreaded mess if something leaks.

Printed shirt

The printed shirt has made a comeback in recent years, with it no longer being associated as a gimmicky item of clothing. Keep the fit relaxed and have a little fun with the print to liven up your ensemble. Mens Farah shirts are a great example of what to go for, with a wide range of styles and fits available from stockists such as


The great British weather means you might not always be able to work your shorts and T-shirt. When it gets a little chilly, you will be glad you packed a sweatshirt. Go for a jersey material, which is lightweight, and a neutral colour that can serve as a warm addition to any outfit.

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