Gold chains for women

Certainly, there is a wide range in diversity of models and designs within the types of gold chains for women. However, in this article we will only address two types of gold chains designs for women such as: Singapore and Foeset or forset. Keep reading if you want to know more about these types of gold chains.

Singapore model chains

Without a doubt, the Singapore model is perfect to wear on any occasion and with different pendants. In addition, it is a garment that has soft, discreet and fine details. Therefore, enhance the elegance and delicacy of the current woman. The best thing is that, this chain is made in the different types of gold that exist, generally having a thickness ranging from 0.85 to 2.5ml.

Their prices vary, not only the type of gold with which it was made. Also because of the length and width of the chain.

Singapore chains have a lot of stitched shine as a finish. It also provides reflections and elegant shine with the movement of the elegant accessory. Considering the shape of this type of chain, we recommend not to combine it with any pendant. Since your design is already careful enough. And it is clear that the saturation of this chain, will not favor our look. So you can buy gold chain designs online easily.

Forcet type gold chain

The forcet type chain, is well known and used in the world of gold smithing. It should be noted that this peculiar gold chain design is unisex and universal with simple and versatile fabrics. However, the elaboration of its fabrics clearly shows how clean, perfect and elegant their designs are. That is why it can be used by both men and women depending on the model, size and thickness of the chain. But from the web we present you as a chain woman models. Since in its finest models in terms of thickness, they are perfect for the slender female neck.

Generally, as we said before, the finest models are appropriate for the ladies, while the medium and thick designs tend to be worn on the neck of men. Obviously, the versatility and elegance of their designs allows them to be worn alone or accompanied by a pendant, cross or gold medal.

On the other hand, the dimensions of its thickness can range from the thinnest with 0.3mm to the most extravagant that can weigh 7k in solid gold. These last ones need a neck strong enough to hold them.

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