Choosing a band for the watch is probably one of the toughest tasks a person has to do while choosing a watch. A metal band or a leather band, which one to choose? This is a question that is common to all except for those who love collecting watches and have collections from both the types. However, this dilemma can be easily eliminated by considering the purpose of wearing the watch, the place of wearing the watch, the personal choice and many more such criteria.

You can get watches with both metal and leather belt by clicking on Watches Online. The environment in which the watch is going to be worn also counts for the selection between these two types of bands. All the watch brands have products that have both the types of bands, but it is advisable to choose between a leather band and a metal band prior to buying one.


The metal bands for watches or the watches with metal bands are often chosen by people who are active and love sports. People who want durability in their watches also prefer the metal bands over other types of bands. However, the metal bands also stand for the style and personality of the person.

The advantages of using a metal band include:

  • It really feels solid to use a metal band. It adds significantly to the masculinity of the person wearing the band. The weight of the band adds to the solid feeling that the person wearing the watch with metal band gets. Rather, watches with lighter bands fail to give that feeling to the person wearing it.
  • The metal bands are highly durable as compared to the leather bands. The watches with metal bands can be dragged on for long years altogether without the need of replacing it. However, the bands need to be washed out for minor scratched and should be cleaned on a regular basis to improve the durability of the band.
  • The metal bands are multi-purpose and are water-resistant as well. May it be for sports or for a warm cosy dinner with loved ones, metal bands would have a strong impact in every situation.

The metal bands however can cause some amount of irritation due to sweating of the wrist underneath. Some people also do not find the watches with metal bands as appealing as the leather bands.


Leather bands on the watches have a whole different story to tell. The leather bands lie more towards the luxury end when compared to the metal bands on the watches. Ditch the durability issues, these leather bands solely stand for personality and luxury. The watches with leather band adds to the elegance of the outfit of the person.

The following are some of the benefits of wearing watches with leather bands:

  • The best fact about using leather bands is that these bands do not cause any irritation during the warm days. The sweat does not accumulate under the band and cause irritation like the metal bands. The sweat is absorbed by the band and it dries out on its own as well.
  • For all those who do not want that weight of the watch on the wrist, the leather bands are just for them. These leather bands cling to wrist of the person wearing them and feels light.
  • The leather bands add significantly to the style of the person since they look classy. These can be matched with shoes to enhance the looks even further.


Both the metal bands and leather bands for the watches have their own pros and cons which can serve as a deciding factor for choosing one among them. Sort out your requirements and choose the band that would fit to your requirements and expectations from the watches.

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