The Many Benefits of Wearing a Bespoke Suit

When it comes to buying a new suit, many people prefer purchasing suits off the shelf. They are cheaper and much more readily available, so it’s really not a big issue. However, wearing a suit gives a strong statement about the kind of clothes you prefer to wear. A person who likes sharp clothing and knows his suits will be able to tell the difference right away. Instead of buying a suit off the shelf, you should consider going to a tailor and getting a bespoke suit made for yourself. If you are still not convinced about whether or not you need one, here are just a few benefits that you get for donning a bespoke suit.

Tailored to Fit You

Suits that are sold off the shelf are really not designed for different body types. They are sold in a number of standard sizes, ranging from small to extra-large. For people with overly broad shoulders or different body features, wearing an off the shelf suit is really not a wise idea. It’s going to be tight in some places, and loose in others.

However, if you were to get a bespoke suit made, the tailor will design it based on your bodily measurements. The suit will be made exclusively to fit your body and will accentuate your bodily features. Tailors in Sydney will first call you in for a fitting session to take your measurements and then show you different fabric materials that you can choose from when designing the suit.

Choice of Material

Another major advantage that you get for wearing a bespoke suit is that you get to choose the material for the suit yourself. Companies that sell off-the-shelf suits have to make sure they maintain good profit margins. As a result, these companies have to choose materials that aren’t very expensive, but aren’t cheap enough that people will ignore them. Most manufacturers offer suits in a range of different materials and price them accordingly based on the quality of material used.

On the other hand, if you choose a bespoke suit, you will have the option of selecting whatever material you prefer. The tailor will show you a wide range of different fabrics and will explain the pros and cons of each so that you can choose whichever material you like best. There’s a considerable amount of variety to choose from, with fabrics starting from really cheap prices and going really high. You should first ask the tailor to give you a quote about how much they will charge for stitching the suit before you decide on a material. If you negotiate well, you can bring the tailor’s fee down significantly.


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