How To Choose The Right Size For Your Formal Shoes Online?

The convenience of online shopping allows us to get a wide range of products at our doorsteps. You can find the best formal shoes for men with ease as there are tons of options from different brands across the world. But people vary from online shoe shopping because they are afraid to get the size wrong. This blog is your guide to choose the best formal shoes for men in the right size.

Useful Tips To Find The Right Shoe Size

  • Measure Your Foot Length

Before you set out to search for the best formal shoes for men online, make sure to measure the length of the foot. Knowing your foot length in centimeters can make it easier to assess the size chart of the manufacturer. Sizes charts differ from one brand to another; this is why you cannot rely on shoe size that you normally wear.

  • The Foot And Shoe Shape

Finding the best formal shoes for men online is not merely about getting the right measurements. You also need to consider the shape of your foot and shoe. If you are choosing formal shoes with pointed, it is better to get a size bigger as the shoe itself will be a bit smaller. Moreover, in case your instep is high, select shoes where the zipper is on the front, side, or somewhere at the heel. And, if you have a wider foot, then you should avoid pointed shoes or the ones with seams at wider parts of the foot.

  • Seasonality

When buying the best formal shoes for men, you must also consider the season. During summer times, the feet tend to swell up and become larger. So it is better to measure your feet at the time of making the online purchase.

Determining the Shoe Size In Terms of Comfort

  • Lengthwise

Choosing the best formal shoes for men in leather or canvas means that the material will not enlarge. There should be a thin space between the shoe and the toe. So when your legs swell up, you will be comfortable.

  • Width Wise

The feet must be tightly secure within the shoe, but you should not experience pain. Irrespective of whether the lacing is tight or remote, what’s important is supporting it in the shoes. If the kick is properly supported, the heel should not move. Formal shoes are designed to conform to the shape of the feet when they are lace-up.

How To Properly Measure The Shoe Size?

The foot size of the person tends to change over the course of time because of different factors such as age, weight gain, fluid retention, etc. Following are the steps to measure your foot correctly:

  • Take an A4 paper, a ruler and a pen.
  • Put your foot on the paper.
  • Hold the pen vertically, place a dot where the heel ends and the longest toe ends.
  • Measure the distance between the ruler and two dots
  • Check out the length of the foot and measure in centimetres.
  • Find size on the chart.

Final Thoughts

When choosing the best formal shoes for men, consider the above guide to make a well-informed decision.

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